Writing An International Politics Dissertation: 25 Unique Ideas

Start writing a dissertation by choosing the most interesting topic. International politics topics can be classified into the following branches: war, security, foreign policy, economic development, drug trafficking, and human rights advocacy. If students want to get good marks, they should choose topics that consider different theoretical and methodological questions. It’s better to write a dissertation on a narrow, specific question that has been interesting to the graduate during all their years of study. The best way is to choose a general field and focus on one of its questions.

The following list of the most interesting international politics topics is provided in order to help you get inspired and come up with some new ideas:

  1. The effects of the communist regime: what was its influence on world history?
  2. Historical analysis: could constant conflicts lead to World War III?
  3. Communist vs. democratic: how can these countries cooperate?
  4. Religion vs. politics: are religious laws more important than governmental ones?
  5. Against the war: the importance of international consensus.
  6. The Arab Spring as an aspect of a global movement.
  7. The geopolitical roles of small countries: is Crimea the new Abkhazia?
  8. Internet as a means of control: effects of Chinese internet censorship.
  9. The power of petitions: can your sign change history?
  10. The war on terror: what is the future of targeted killings?
  11. Human rights as a central question of foreign policy.
  12. A new Cold War: the future of nuclear relations between Israel and Iran.
  13. Pros and cons of humanitarian intervention as a strategy for conflict resolution.
  14. The role of social media during the Arab Spring.
  15. The relationship between counter-terrorism and human rights.
  16. Iranian-Israeli relations: the role of international politics.
  17. Peace-building strategies in conflict-filled territories.
  18. Intrastate conflicts: what influence do they have on socio-economic development and the political situation?
  19. The Arctic Circle: is the process of securing it a way of opposing the actions of Russia?
  20. The influence of the visual arts on human rights advocacy.
  21. International cooperation vs. contradictory policies: what strategies can help stop financing Islamic terrorism?
  22. The EU emissions trading scheme: the effects of the mechanism for regulating CO² emissions.
  23. Private military and security companies: what connection can be found between legitimacy and privatized security?
  24. Human smuggling: the main methods to stop this modern-day slavery.
  25. To what extent is religion a threat to politics?

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