MA vs. MSc vs. MBA Dissertations

There are three masters by dissertation options you will come across. Each dissertation concentrates on a specific field of study. Let’s look at what makes each of these three different from one another so you know what you will get out of the content you produce in any subject of value. Each type of masters degree has its own rules for how a dissertation is to be laid out.


The first masters degree dissertation to review is the MA, or Master’s in Arts. This focuses more on understanding content that already exists. This includes a review of literature, theater, history, and anything else relating to the arts. This type of dissertation typically has the shortest length, although a dissertation or master’s thesis length could still be tens of thousands of words in length at this juncture.

This master’s degree is typically the easiest one for you to attain when the work involved in the process is considered. But the work you put into the process should not be ignored in any way.


An MSc or Master’s in Science dissertation is the second one to look at. This would require an extended amount of practical work on your end. You might expect the paper to be close to twice as long as an MA dissertation because of this. You may use a larger master’s thesis literature review at this point, what with the content being so complicated. An extended discussion of the results you come across can also work at this juncture.

Lab functions are required in this type of report. A masters dissertation proposal sample can help you understand how you may propose this type of paper based on what you feel is relevant to the subject at hand. The sample should be detailed and easy to follow.


A Master of Business Administration or MBA is not always going to require a dissertation, but the programs that do require one would demand that you write it like an MSc dissertation instead of an MA one. A masters dissertation example can help you figure out how such a paper is to be written.

While you might do your own research, this would mostly come from interviews and observation. The qualitative content in this dissertation is more important than any statistics you might find. You must be more analytical and philosophical in your approach to the content as well. You have to show many thoughts about the subject matter so you can show to the reader that you comprehend the content you are working with.

These three options for a dissertation for masters degree needs are all different from one another in many ways, but you should look at how well this is organized. Knowing what to get out of your degree is a necessity for making the most out of your work in general. The needs you have for producing a quality dissertation will vary based on the subject matter you are working with, so be aware of what you are doing in any situation you come across.

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