How To Buy Thesis Written From Scratch: List Of Suggestions

Every student who accosts an academic company with a thesis order would like to think that every word will be original. However, some writing companies—in the name of speed—simply scribble down some meaningless words and even copy the work of others from time to time. This blog will show you how to find proper, professional writing companies who don’t plagiarize, as well as show you how to check whether your work is original.

  • Seek out a guarantee for authentic writing
  • Any academic writing company you choose must state in writing that they guarantee no plagiarism. Make sure they send this either on an order form, a written guarantee or even just an email. This way, if you find plagiarism later on, you can get your money back or legally complain about the company.

  • Use a company that lets you work with your writer
  • There will be no chance of plagiarism if you work closely with your writer on your thesis. Be sure to choose a company that allows you to do this and puts you in permanent contact with your writer. Make it clear that you will not give them your business unless they allow you this benefit.

  • Do a search for some of the phrases as a test
  • If you pick the middle of a sentence (say about seven words) and paste it into a search engine, you will be able to see if it has been plagiarized from another online source. Place this phrase in inverted commas and the results will show up more accurately. You can also put your text through a plagiarism test application to check whether or not it is original.

  • Provide your own research material
  • Another way to curb potential plagiarism is to provide your writer with all the research he or she needs. That way, if they do copy anything, you will know about it. Again, this is simply a preventative measure. It’s still important to check the thesis once it is complete.

  • Return if you are happy
  • Remember to give the company you use a good review and some word of mouth advertising too. This helps others to find a reliable company the same way you did when you were looking. In addition, go back and show your appreciation by giving them more of your business.

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