Finishing Your Dissertation When You’re Close To Deadline

Any successful thesis writer doesn’t wait for inspiration or hope for deadline extension. They focus on finishing the task at hand as fast as possible. Basically, you can wait for inspiration to write a dissertation forever. Sometimes things will happen and hinder you from honoring your writing routine but this doesn’t mean that you deserve a deadline extension. Therefore, if you have procrastinated long enough and you are now staring at the deadline, follow these tips to finish your dissertation.

Don’t Wait for Inspiration
To finish your dissertation when you’re close to the deadline, don’t wait for inspiration. Instead, focus on honoring your goal to finish your dissertation project. This implies that you have to indicate the time for writing your dissertation on your calendar just like you do with dentist and advisor appointments.

Generally, dissertation writing is not one of the best tasks for most people. To encourage yourself, use compelling words to label writing appointments. Such words include inspiring phrases like ‘for my great future’, ‘for my future success’ or any word or phrase that encourages you to honor writing appointments. Never wait for the ‘right mood’ or muse to finish your dissertation. Instead, focus on writing whenever you have time and this will eventually become part of your routine.

Make Starting Easier
Ensure that your workspace makes it easier for you to start writing every day. For instance, keep a sequenced list of tasks posted somewhere to ensure that you don’t struggle to recall where to pick from the last writing session. Basically, a neat workstation will enable you to start writing immediately you settle down. If your workstation is not neat, you might be tempted to spend a day getting organized. This will cause you to procrastination more which may lead to a missed deadline. Therefore, stay organized to avoid the uncertainty that comes with not knowing where to pick from last time.

Commit Yourself
The best dissertation takes time and effort to write. Therefore, commit yourself to finishing your dissertation before the deadline elapses. Ideally, convince yourself that you can do it then focus on doing it. Make sure that you have the inner nag that keeps reminding you to complete this task.

Minimize Distractions
When writing, turn off the TV, phone, and websites that may distract you. Assess all distractions in your workspace mindfully. Every time a distraction catches your attention, you end up wasting time that you would spend finishing your dissertation. Therefore, avoid TV, phone, and social networks. Perhaps, the only sites that you should assess during a writing session are online dissertations resources.

Maximize ‘Nudgers’
Nudgers are things that help you maintain your track. This can be something like an inspiring book. Keeping your workstation attractive can also be a nudger. You can also ask someone to be your writing buddy. Alternatively, pin up the photo of an exotic city or beach that you intend to visit upon graduating. This will encourage you to work harder towards finishing the dissertation.

Follow these tips to finish your dissertation faster when close to the deadline. However, if this doesn’t work, talk to experts that offer help with dissertations online.

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