Dissertation Defense: Do’s And Don’ts

Congratulations for completing your dissertation writing project successfully. Now you need to prepare for dissertation defense. Generally, defending a dissertation can be a nerve-wracking experience. Nevertheless, you should know what you should do and what you should avoid to make your defense successful.
Here are the do’s and don’ts of dissertation defense:


Be the Expert
Even if you worked with dissertation writers for hire, make sure that you know your work properly. Remember that the dissertation committee assumes that you have worked on this research for months. Therefore, show your expertise in the subject.

Carry Water
Carry water to the presentation hall. Nevertheless, check protocols of your school first. That’s because in some cases, departments expect learners to carry their own refreshments. If possible, ask students that have defended their dissertation before about the rules that govern dissertation defense in your school.

Know the Guidelines
Make sure that you have known the guidelines that your school or department has set regarding sending the committee members your dissertation in advance. Also find out the form in which you should send and carry the dissertation during presentation. You might realize that your department or school requires a signature form where the committee members can sign. Ensure that you have carried enough copies of the required forms.

Rehearse the Defense
Take time to rehearse your defense especially if you hired dissertation writers. Take note of the major points that you want to bring out during your defense. Additionally, time the duration that you take to complete your defense. This is particularly important if your school has time limit for the defense.


Read the Presentation Word-for-Word
While preparing your defense, use phrases in your PowerPoint presentation instead of full sentences. Remember that you will have notes while defending your dissertation. Therefore, don’t type full sentences of the slides. When you don’t read the presentation word-for-word, you make it feels like a conversation. That’s what you need to shine.

Have Grammatical and Spelling Errors
You can proofread the presentation yourself or ask somebody else to do it for you. Nevertheless, make sure that your work is free of grammatical and spelling errors. Get rid of repeated sentences and words that lower the quality of your work.

Discourage Yourself
You have achieved a lot already. Don’t discourage yourself when it comes to defending your work. Ideally, don’t entertain the thought that you can’t do this. Instead, be confident and exude the same during the defense.

Show Nervousness
Though it’s natural to be nervous, don’t show it to the dissertation committee. Make sure that you don’t ramble before the presentation or highlight nervousness.

Forget that You Should Enjoy
Nothing feels great than presenting a strong defense successfully. Therefore, don’t forget to enjoy after making your dissertation defense.